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We Protect, Defend, Prevent Damage, Advocate & Seek Compensation for CONSUMERS who are victimized and abused by BIG TECH, MEDIA and other BAD ACTORS both PUBLIC & PRIVATE.
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PROTECT – Protect yourself, your family, your business and help protect others…
We work to protect you, your family, your business and others from censorship, fraud, backlash, invasion of privacy, manipulation and exploitation by Big Tech, Social Media, News Media, Vindictive Employers, Vendors, Opportunists, Cancel Culture and other Bad Actors who act without any oversite or moral constraint to profit by weaponizing information and communications technology, algorithms and artificial intelligence using psychological warfare techniques to silence discourse, pervert truth and threaten the health, welfare and peace of unsuspecting consumers around the world.

DEFEND – Report fraud & abuse to us for assistance in resolving your problems…
We are working to build a system that enables you to report abuse to us and lodge your complaints with us so that we can attempt to resolve your complaints at the source with the organizations with whom you have a grievance or we can consider including your case for legal action. By yourself you there is little that you can do to protect yourself from being abused by Big Tech, but by joining forces with us, together we create a larger force and we have a fighting chance to resolve your grievances.PREVENT – Head off bad actors and propaganda through access to exclusive tools, alerts, reports and advocacy that helps protect you…
We build software tools and other tools that enable you to protect your privacy on your phones and other devices. We also create tools and provide you with techniques that you can use to fight back and actually thwart Big Tech by beating them at their own games and making it very costly for them to hurt people. We monitor Big Tech & Media to detect the distinctive signatures of fraud and propaganda in real time and we provide you with warnings that help predict which stories that appear in the news that are fraudulent or propaganda. In some cases, we also provide critical cease and desist notices to Bad Actors that provide them with an opportunity to correct their course of action.

ADVOCATE – We provide you with a strong platform and voice to take action…
We advocate on your behalf and enable you to take action in your own personal capacity to speak your mind as an individual in order to protect your rights and help others to protect their rights to freedom of speech and expression. We advocate with you and on your behalf in the “marble halls” of Big Tech and Big Government to help preserve your individual rights and protect your right to privacy.

COMPENSATE – When you have been damaged we not only work to undo the damage but we also pursue compensation for damages…
You may already have been damaged without knowing and you may already be entitled to compensation for Big Tech’s abuses where Big Tech has knowingly and in some cases intentionally negatively effected the mental, physical and spiritual health of millions of people around the world.